Quiz: What’s your play personality?

Play Personality Quiz - Alison Qualter

Take our play personality quiz and discover how to make life more fun than ever!


When did you last go out to play? If you’re thinking it was while you still wore knee-high socks, we’ve got something amazing to tell you – chances are you’ve done something playful today. And learning how to naturally incorporate more play into your everyday life will leave you happier, less stressed and even feeling mentally sharper.


When most of us think about being playful, we think of things we did as children – hopscotch, riding bikes, playing with dolls – but actually, being playful in adulthood isn’t defined by the activities you do, but by the way you think.


‘Playfulness is a personality trait that allows you to turn everyday experiences into something entertaining, intellectually stimulating or personally interesting,’ says Professor Rene Proyer who studies play at a German university. So if today you looked at art, did a crossword, teased your partner or laughed at a video, then you played.


Play Personality Quiz - Alison Qualter


Health benefits of play


    • Playful people’s brains age more slowly according to a Penn State University study, because they often think of innovative or creative ways to do things, which stimulates the production of new brain cells.


    • Being playful is linked to a better ability to cope with stress.


    • People who are described as playful also tend to be happier and more satisfied with life.


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