Look Inside Kourtney Kardashian’s Modern, Luxurious and Comfortable Living and Dining Rooms

Kourtney Kardashian dining room


Kourtney Kardashian living room

Kourtney Kardashian wanted her home to feel comfortable above all else, and worked with interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to create chic yet inviting spaces for her living room and dining room.

“Designing my house with Martyn Lawrence Bullard was such a fun experience, and I’m so proud of the beautiful space we created for my family,” Kardashian, 37, said on her website.

Bullard created mood boards for the rooms so that Kardashian could anticipate what the finished product would look like.

“She’s very visual and she loves to feel and see, and really understand the furniture pieces before she buys them,” said Bullard in a video on the site.

For Kardashian, the living room was one of the most important rooms when it came to decorating.

“The living room is a very special space because in Kourtney’s house, it’s the heart of the home,” said Bullard. “For me, modern luxury is comfort. Kourtney’s all about comfort. She loves big deep sofas and very soft, lush pillows, and things, which is quite funny because she’s quite little, and so it’s kind of great to see her little, tiny, gorgeous body with these huge pieces of furniture.”Kardashian’s living room features large Christian Liaigre sofas and a patchwork cowhide rug, as well as lots of modern art, including a Damien Hirst piece that was a gift to her from Scott Disick.

“What I love about Kourtney is that she will go for something that’s really unexpected, a little Kardashian flavor into the mix of the room,” said Bullard.

The dining room was also of utmost importance to the mom-of-three.

“In a Kardashian home, one of the most important rooms to all of them is a dining room,” said Bullard. “One of the main things that Kourtney wanted to have in her dining room was a really big table, so fortunately, the dining room space was big enough that we could create a beautiful, very long, very modern-feeling and inviting dining space.”

Kourtney Kardashian dining room

The dining room features a collection of vintage Pierre Jeanneret dining chairs, which Bullard collected from all over the world in flea markets and art auctions.

“And then of course to add a little more of Kourtney’s style, we wanted to add contemporary art, so we added in a really important piece of 70s art by Roy Lichtenstein,” said Bullard. “His amazing piece of art gives life and it gives passion to a dining room.”

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