Is Cheesecake Really Cake? Today Show Hosts Tackle the Hot New Debate


Before tucking into chocolate milkshakes, Today show anchors chimed in on a great dessert debate on Monday morning: Is cheesecake really cake?

Savannah Guthrie, fresh from maternity leave, begged the age old question, responding to an Eater opinion piece that denied the cake status of cheesecake.

While Carson Daly hedges the issue (“it’s kind of a ‘tweener, between cake and pie”), Matt Lauer settles the sweet score: “It’s a little slice of heaven.”

Guthrie arrived at a textbook conclusion of her own. “I guess it’s technically a tart if you look up tart in the dictionary,” she laughs. But Lauer breaks the dessert down, prompting the anchors to discuss its need for a category of its own: “Technically it’s filling. It’s just filling surrounded by graham cracker crust.”

The real question is, why choose between cheesecake and regular cake when you can have both at once? This chocolate cheesecake cake recipe from blogger Shugary Sweets ends the debate once and for all.


The conversation is reminiscent of another great food debate that has caused celebrity head-scratching: whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

“Is a hot dog a sandwich?! Of course not! What are you talking about?” Aaron Paul wrote in a Reddit AMA. “A hot dog is a hot dog, and god I love hot dogs. What are hot dogs made out of though? That’s the question.”

But Meryl Streep takes a more measured tone.

“Is a hot dog a sandwich? Well with a bun, yes. Without a bun, no. It’s a canapé,” she said in a Reddit AMA of her own with Florence Foster Jenkins co-star Hugh Grant.

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