A Game of Thrones Castle Is on the Market in Northern Ireland for $650K

Irish castle in Kilkenny named among the most beautiful

One lucky Game of Thrones fan can own a piece of the hit HBO show’s history, for a cool $656,452.

A portion of Northern Ireland’s Gosford Castle — which was used as Riverrun, the seat of House Tully and the childhood home of Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) —  is up for sale, according to a Maison Real Estate listing.

The property was built in the mid-1800s by the 2nd Earl of Gosford, Archibald Acheson, and passed down to Earls of Gosford until 1921. It has a history of being used by the military during both WWII and The Troubles.

Since in 1983, Gosford Castle has been run as a hotel. Three years later, the space was designated as Northern Ireland’s first conservation forest.


Irish castle in Kilkenny named among the most beautiful
Maison Real Estate

Maison Real Estate

An extensive renovation came in 2006, with Gosford Castle Development Limited investing over $5 million into bringing the Norman Revival style manse, first designed by London architect Thomas Hopper, back to life. Vaulted ceilings, grand staircases, and even the castle’s original color schemes were all repaired, refurbished, and reinstated.

Gosford Castle was also split into 23 luxury residences — six of which are up for sale in this listing.

Each is approximately 3,500 sq. ft and all are at least three bedrooms, the lot of them totaling 15 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Some of the apartments also over rooftop gardens.

They have appropriate names for lovers of Westeros, too: the Inner Bailey, the Great Hall, the Old Keep, the Dining Room House, the Library Wing, and the Round Tower.

 Potential buyers shouldn’t look out for Game of Thrones coming by to film anytime soon, sadly.

The final season of the show, based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series, airs in 2019.

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