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As much of you already know, Design Hotels is a company that selects hotels that have stepped out from the ordinary and are tailor-made for design conscious individuals. Knowing the Design Hotels high standard, it is no shock that 25Hours Hotels is a member.
We have curated thought their hotels and felt it mandatory to show all our readers a compilation of some of our favourites of the 25Hours Hotels‘ magical locations. Do you feel like being engulfed into a world of design and eccentricity? With summer’s end quickly approaching why not book a trip to any of these extraordinarily fresh hotels.

The Hotel Zurich West is riddled with artistic and graphic expression. With an emphasis on color blocking and a strong geometric presence the contemporary layout of this hotel has us dreaming of our next trip to Zurich. See More.

Rates starting at 195 USD.


The 25Hours Hotel at MuseumQuartier has the surreal yet sexy allure we love to see in a hotel. The modern aesthetic make you feel as though you are on the set of a bizarre yet luxurious movie. “Sawdust meets heavy curtains, raw concrete meets fluffly carpet”. See more.

Rates starting at 135 USD.


“Not a single seam is out of place, no object is arbitrarily placed and yet the building is still relaxed and never too serious.” The 25Hour Frankfurt “tailored by Levi’s” Hotel was designed in collaboration with Levi’s ®. The fun vibe of the design blends American cultural history and Frankfurt city. See more.

Rates from 155 USD.


“Just like a seaman’s home in a foreign harbor, the guest-bunks at 25hours Hotel HafenCity are designed to be warm and snug.” The 25Hour Hafencity Hotel is designed with the shipbuilding industry in mind. With a strong emphasis on wood, if this hotel was actually a ship it would be the most modern well-designed ship there was. See more.

Rated from 170 USD.




The Goldman Hotel has a personality of its own, actually it has multiple. With each floor a different color and each guest room a story told by one of Frankfurt’s personalities, this hotel is a mix mash of design; from whimsical prints to clean color blocking. See more.

Rates from 140 USD.

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